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How to Get Copyright Free Music For Your YouTube Videos

My daughter loves to pause the movie and say “Daddy – they want me to feel happy now!” 

She’s exactly right. Video creators on YouTube (and Hollywood) know that music in the background of a video causes the viewer to feel emotions. These emotions can be connected to your product or service and help to increase sales. Similarly, sad music can help to place competing products in a less than favorable light. 

Too many entrepreneurs on YouTube focus too much energy on selling. While that’s important, it’s secondary (maybe tertiary) to invoke an emotional response from your viewers. 

Background music is EXACTLY that secret weapon that will take your business videos to the next level.

So where do you find great background music? Finding the right music is expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes, you can use a song only to find out that it’s copyrighted music. Now, your business owes a bunch of fees. Worst case scenario: you might get thrown in YouTube jail!

Well, fear not my friends, I have found the greatest website for finding the best copyright-free music and sound effects for your business videos. Whether you’re streaming a news-style show selling products like a home shopping network, or livestreaming gameplay, this royalty free music company has everything you need. Here’s how Soundstripe can help you with your video content.

What is Soundstripe?

Soundstripe is a music, sound effects and video stock footage site where you can download tons of great music, sound effects, and video for your livestreams or your YouTube videos. It has a huge library of music to choose from, where you can easily find different styles of music. You can download them to your computer or stream them directly from your computer.

Why Should You Use Soundstripe for Your YouTube Videos and Livestreams

  • Royalty free music. Every single one of them is copyright free so you won’t get dinged for using them. 
  • Re-use. You can use them over and over again in your videos. You get the right to use them an unlimited number of times. Whether you want to use them on Instagram, Facebook, live YouTube, whatever the case might be.
  • A lot of options to choose from. Let’s talk about the variety of music Soundstripe offers. Sure, there are tons of copyright free websites out there. But these websites have the same library of the generic music and sound effects that almost everybody uses. It might put you in a bad spot because you’re using a piece of music that your competition down the street is using. Meanwhile, Soundstripe has a wide variety of music. You can use songs and sound effects that you haven’t heard anybody use yet. 
  • The search features of the website. Who wants to go to a website and spend hours searching? Definitely no one. Soundstripe has a fantastic search feature. For example, if you want an upbeat track to use, you simply go to the website. Come over to the search area and type “upbeat music.” And when you do that, it’s going to give you a variety of songs that you can play. You can also search for music through a mood rating so that you can find the song that best works for your video.  Similarly, you can also use the filter on the side to find more songs that will fit your video content.
  • Get similar suggestions from your preferred music or sound effect. Once you use Soundstripe, you can look for similar songs from a sound effect you chose. It’s a time-saver. You don’t have to create tons of searches. Just hover to the recommended music and choose whatever you like.

What are their pricing and plans?

First of all, they’ve got three different plans that you can choose from.

  • Music – $149/year
  • Music + SFX – $245/year
  • Music + SFX + Video – $399/year

Check out Soundstripe for more pricing info or you can use the code “OWENVIDEO” to get a 10% off!

How to get copyright free music using Soundstripe?

To get started with Soundstripe, you do not need to pay for an account upfront to start accessing some of the best copyright free music. You can get a couple of songs for free! But if you’re going to be livestreaming or producing videos on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to choose a monthly or yearly plan to continuously get royalty free music for your content.

How does Soundstripe work?

Are you ready to edit your YouTube videos or livestream with copyright free music? Here’s how Soundstripe works.

Once you get your account set up, you’re going to land on a landing page that looks something like this. And over in the top corner, you can click on “SFX”.

And immediately, you can see a couple of different things here: the duration of the and the category of each sound effect that should help you choose.

copyright free music

Over on the right-hand side, you have some organizational tools to help you with your sound effects. You could share this with your video editor or with someone else on your team. 

copyright free music

You could also create a playlist of sound effects where you’re finding your favorite stuff, and then add it to a playlist for future uses when it comes to your livestreams, and videos.

copyright free music

Have you seen something that you instantly like? Just click the heart button and add a sound effect to your favorites. Of course, when you’re ready to license it, you click the download button. As long as you have an account, you can license anything on the site for free.

copyright free music

Take a look at the left-hand side where you can search sound effects by categories. By simply clicking on some of these, you can find a whole bunch more!

Now for music, you’ll get amazed with the filter options Soundstripe has.

For every song, you can see how long each track is, and the mood it gives. What’s even great is you can filter based on mood, characteristic, genre, energy and more.

Final Verdict: Is Soundstripe Worth It?

In a world dominated by video marketing, video content creation is one of the most important strategies for any business.

So if you want your business videos to look and sound fantastic with copyright free music, use Soundstripe and get access to tons of music and sound effects!

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