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Live Stream Video Tactics to Grow Your Business

Ross Brand and Owen Video discuss LIVE streaming

#LivestreamStars w/ Owen Video (YouTube & Business Consultant)

Posted by Livestream Universe on 27hb Februari 2017


Live Stream Video Topics We Covered

  • EVERY video should be making a pitch to have someone follow you in an intimate way.
  • You can go LIVE on Youtube in just 2 clicks!
  • That 2 to 3 minutes they spend with you is far more SUPERIOR to the 30 seconds spent reading 6 different blogs, and that is when the conversion is strongest.
  • You can get a viewing audience faster going live on YouTube compared to Facebook, and your content will last much longer.


  • You should be creating videos that promote your product or service, use ad words and push it out to people.
  • On YouTube, new viewers are finding you through a search. They are ACTUALLY seeking out answers from you!
  • Here’s a hack for repurposing Facebook live video. When you go live on Facebook, record your broadcast in Blue Jeans where after you will have a high-quality product for your blog.
  • Create your own Facebook group and go live from that group, those are the people who WANT to hear from you.
  • OBS is giving everyone the power to broadcast from their own home!


Video Masters Academy

Video Lead Generation


Video Tool:


Blue Jeans:

Owen Video

Owen Video builds YouTube Channels for Business & Industry Leaders. He founded The Video Marketing School - THE place to learn all things video marketing, including how to leverage YouTube to amplify you’re influence and impact as the leader in your industry. He’s a well known personality and event Emcee at Conferences such as Vidsummit LA, Video Marketing World TX, and Power of Video in Ireland. He is widely known for his high-energy Live Streams and his action packed YouTube Videos. Owen is a cancer survivor and lives everyday at full power in San Diego, CA with his wife and 4 children - The Chitlins.

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  1. Ross Brand

    Honored that you shared this on your blog, Owen. I’ve interviewed over 100 people now since I started hosting shows on livestream platforms and there isn’t a better guest! Thanks for all the great info and energy you brought to #LivestreamStars and to all your broadcasts!

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