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Start Your YouTube Strategy Plan with this trick…

Congratulations! You’ve successfully scheduled your YouTube Strategy Session and now I’m going to show you how to get a head start on that meeting so you can be one-step ahead of the competition.

In the video above, I’m going to review the first piece of your Video Content Strategy which we call the PULL Strategy. This is part of a 3-part YouTube video plan that also includes the Push, and the Pow strategy which we’ll talk about later.

The Pull Strategy

In this strategy, our goal is to create a series of videos that PULL your viewers in from various places around the web and in your daily lives. It’s essential to keep in mind that while video is a virtual marketing technique (meaning that you can reach customers across the country) it’s also important to use your video marketing on the local level – at Chamber of Commerce meeting, at BNI meetings or your other networking groups, and most importantly inside your storefront if you have one.

The goal of your PULL VIDEOS is to be able to say, “OH! I have a video about that topic” to anyone you’re speaking to in person, online, or even if that person is searching for topics on Google, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, or the other search platforms.

Now that you know what a PULL Video Content strategy is, let’s talk about how to create your content list. We’ll talk about this more on your upcoming Strategy Call but let’s start with a video strategy that leverages your pre-existing knowledge. You’re already an expert in your topic so let’s start there.

The 5W’s of Video Marketing

We learned them as a kid – What, Why, Where, When, and How-To (OK, I know HOW TO starts with an H but go with me!). I want you to start thinking about video topics that correlate to a question that starts with these 5 W’s.

WHAT VIDEOS – these are the big questions about your industry, your product, and even your business as a whole. Try to start at an industry level to get the widest possible range of questions and then narrow it down to your specific business.

For example:

What is the average cost for a ______________?

What is the difference between widget 1 and my widget?

These WHAT STATEMENTS above will become videos where you ask the question and then answer it thereby becoming the top resource for the top questions in your industry.

The same is true for the remaining video questions. Take a moment now and come up with 5 video topics for each of the 5W’s so that you come to our meeting with a total of 25 video topics that you’re ready to share with us.

WHY Videos – continue this line of questioning

Want More Help?

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of the YouTube for Business guide that we’ve linked to below. In this guide you’ll get a mini-training on how to define your best audience and then how to develop new video topics based on that customers need.

You’ll also get a video gear guide, a template video script, and more YouTube video content that will continue to push you forward on this journey to dominate YouTube.

Click the image to get the guide now.

In that guide, you’ll also find links to our social media accounts and YouTube where you can follow our free content and learn more about our process for guiding business owners to video marketing sales revenue.

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